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[aprssig] APRS in Disaster area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 2 14:42:19 UTC 2005

>>... to get digipeaters in there.... set your 
>>mobile or fixed or portable station to be a 
>>WIDEn-N digi until the infrastructre is back 
>>in place.  Use a laptop to set your D700:

>PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!... Do as you are 
>instructed by the authorities sending you!  

Yes, of course, if they know how to, or have 
better ideas about re-establishing the APRS network, 
then of course folllow their lead.  But in most
areas, only 2% of the HAM population knows
anything about APRS and has no clue how to
"instruct" its re-constitution.

>Just what we need, a bunch of APRS stations 
>all digipeating and beaconing so nothing gets
>through rendering it useless.  

Unfortunately, in an area that is devoid of 
digis and any APRS connectivity, and you dont
hear anything, then the APRS network is more-
or less dependent on getting some kind of digipeating 
capability going again.  Also beaconing is how
APRS works to re-define connectivity so that the 
existing working assets can be seen and heard.  
As soon as digis spring, up, then of course one
must turn off his own digipeating and reduce his
rate appropriately.

EACH person must monitor the frequency
and react to the need.  If digipeating is needed
then offer to do it.  If not needed, then dont. 

2 meters with LOTS of other HAM radio needs.
NEVER plan on putting even a temporary digi
within even a half mile of other ham radio 
emergency operations.   And put your mobile
on VERY LOW power when in the vicinity.

APRS stations at EOC's and other emergency sites
must PLAN on operating at the 100 milliwatt level
or so and must PLAN on setting up a higher power
digi FAR ENOUGH away (a mile will do nicely) to
provide the coverage...  NEVER plan a digi at 
an emergency site!

>If you are asked to provide APRS support, let 
>the amateurs in charge know what your capabilities 
>are and let THEM determine what you should do.

Very good advice.  But remember to offer that you 
can digipeat and offer to set up a digipeater...

>> SET VOICE ALERT!!!  That means turn [your
>>D7 or D700 APRS channel to CTCSS 100 with
>>your volume up so you can be contacted if 

>you are there to do a job, not to chit-chat with 
>someone else there trying to do a job. 

Yes, APRS Voice Alert is not for chit chat.
It is in effect activating a FREE tone-squelched
3rd receiver in every mobile with a D7 or D700
APRS capability on a known universal channel
that can be used to make contact with the driver 
-independent- of what his other radio channels
are set to.  It also is a free "radar" detector
of passing in range of another APRS voice-alert

> If you have questions about what is being asked of
>amateur volunteers, take a look at
http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/08/31/101/?nc=1 and

Excellent advice, Pete.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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