[aprssig] Generators and LPG Conversion (was APRS in NOLA)

gervais fillion ve2ckn at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 13:31:44 CDT 2005

hi all
i am reading those articles with interest since i just installeda Digi in a 
remote site that need
emergency power in case of,,,,,

actually i have batery back up in th e120vac would break,
my question is :
anyone have a diagramm of How to built a windcharger blade
could be interpreted as off topic ,

this way i would install it and be independant of electricity,i already have 
a 24 vdc alternator

in my house,i already have a diesel 5 kw generator,a ups for the lan 
network,high speed internet modem   so the igate would still operate 
locally,,,,and most something to eat for a week


eastern quebec


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>If you can "Dual Fuel" it, and control that remotely, or automate the
>changeover, then starting should be a lot easier than on LPG alone.  And
>of course, you only need liquid Gasoline for the start/warmup time.
>Diesel for standby purposes is about the best.  The "Fungal" growth
>problem is actualy a bacteria, and can be virtualy halted even without
>extra aditives (usualy present in modern fuels anyway) and by careful
>use of a desicator on the tank vent to keep moisture out.  Keeping the
>tank as full as you can will also help prevent condensation from forming
>in quantity.
>Periodic draining of any accumulated water helps too of course.
>Even with bacterial growth in the tank, for standby purposes, unless it
>gets so bad as to block the pickup pipe or filters, it doesnt affect the
>fuels ability to power an engine.  For mobile or portable use, it's not
>good, as it will get stired up, then get drawn into the filters, they
>block, engine stops.
>Maintenance, Diesel engines are just like any other, do the usual at the
>regular specified intervals (Oil & fiters, tappets, timing checks and
>any belt changes etc) and they will easily outlast any gasoline engine
>by a long way.  Keep the fuel sedimenter clean and regularly checked,
>and the main filters will last a long time too, protecting the injection
>Cleanliness really is next to Godliness as far as the injectors and pump
>are concerned!
>Starting, modern (10 year old or less) Diesel, they should start "on the
>button", or even the first good wind up on a handle if a small unit.
>Don't forget the preheat if cold, or the primer if fitted..  If it
>doesn't go easily, something is wrong and needs fixing.  They should
>also NOT smoke!!  Perhaps a puff or three of black at startup, but
>that's all.  No White (unburnt fuel) and definately no blue (engine oil,
>worn rings etc)  Black, it's running rich, usualy a blocked air filter
>or restricted air feed, or it's running overloaded.
>But...  For a given output, they are a lot heavier and (acoustically)
>noiser than gasioline/lpg fueled machines, but the newer units are
>getting much better.
>It's horses for courses as we'd say.   For portable/emergency use
>(intermittent and under 4KVA load) gasoline probably does the job.  For
>a continuious load much above 3KVA, or fixed standby, Diesel is probably
>the best.  The bigger alternators also often have better voltage
>regulation too.
>Oh yes, they last much longer (engine life) if they run fairly well
>loaded when in use.  See the Ford Diesel web site as to why...  (All to
>do with piston rings!  The article about "breaking in a new diesel",
>sorry but I've lost the link.)
>In any case, for emergency use, use whatever you can get hold of.  Gas,
>Diesel, wind, sola, steam, airport GPU, or even aircraft APU? etc.....
>Keep the APRS lights on!   If you need to, diesel's will run of
>vegetable (cooking) oil quite well.  Just that anyone down wind gets
>hungry!  So if the Gas staitions can't pump the stuff, go raid the
>Dave G0WBX (and long time oil burner.)
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