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[aprssig] APRS in Disaster area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 3 16:10:51 UTC 2005

>>> HamLists at ametx.com 09/03/05 9:10 AM >>>
>Actually, the hams in Tallahassee were... to provide 
>support communications for that specific rescue effort.  
>It was not to go in and see if you could create an 
>APRS network or any other network just to see if 
>you can. 

That appears to be biased toward the prevailing view
of APRS among the video voyers who think of APRS 
as nothing more than a cute internet toy.  In fact, APRS 
is the ideal LOCAL RF network that does not have to be 
"created",  because if used as originally intended it 
just *is*, as long as there are stations on the air.
(and operated by people who at least understand VHF

And the most valuable communications often provided
by Ham Radio in any disaster is simply assisting those
without any other means, to send a message back
home saying they are alive and OK.

Its no differnet than someone with a working  phone
letting a refugee call home to say he is OK.  If you have
APRS, then you can send a one-line email to do the
same thing and -far-more-efficiently- than taking up
valuable voice repeaters and HF circuits.  Remember
for each APRS packet that is successful, there is
one less "where are you" or "I am currently entering
the town of " blah blah,blah that is tying up more
critical Voice communicatiosn channels.

Getting an IGate linked directly to the W5UK-9 digi
ASAP is a very critical step that someone should
be working on.

de Wb4APR, Bob

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Doug Ferrell
> Posted At: Saturday, September 03, 2005 7:50 AM
> Subject: RE: [aprssig] APRS in Disaster area
>    Except in this case... they asked our local hams in 
> Tallahassee  to help out in whatever means available to get 
> communications back and forth. You can read it here:

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