[aprssig] APRS In the New Orleans Area

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Sat Sep 3 14:50:57 CDT 2005

> I agree with Rich.  If all of you arm-chair quarterbacks want to discuss
> why oh why they aren't concentrating on APRS in the affected areas, have
> at it.  Personally, I am continuing with my active assistance with the
> emergency at hand.

Perhaps some of your stance is misperception, how does one distinguish
between an armchair quarterback and a coach?  I see it equally possible and
much more likely that a majority of us here actually have experience,
training and knowledge with respect to emergency communications.  Just
because we aren't in your effected area doesn't make us less qualified.
Understanding incident command allows for field information to be
assimilated at a command level where the ENTIRE situation can be evaluated
overall directions given.  Far too often people on the ground can only see a
small portion of the incident and lack the information to make incident wide
decisions.  It is quite possible some of these 'armchair quarterbacks' are
far enough back to see the peripheral situation and provide sound advice and

Since you are 'continuing with active assistance' perhaps you could share a
bit of that info with us on the list rather than rant and bash us for having
ideas?  Apparently you have time to post to this list, what exactly are you
doing for the efforts and how is it going?  What if anything could we do to
help from a distance (other than the obvious contributions to support

> Have fun with all of your would have, could have, should haves and be
> sure to solve all of the problems for the folks in the affected areas.
> I am sure they all appreciate everyone's intent.

I'll put your sarcasm aside, I'm learning how well I am prepared by
evaluating the situation at hand.  It is easy to use hindsight and offer
advice, but we should be learning from the situation. 

73 N7HQR

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