[aprssig] APRS In the New Orleans Area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 3 15:50:53 CDT 2005

>>What appears to be needed right now is someone 
>>outside the area with an IGate to point a beam at the 
>>W5UK-9 digi that IS working in downtown
>>New Orleans.
>wouldn´t a temperary digipeater... with digi_ned located 
>half way between new orleans and the next digi be 
>more usefull  to reconnect W5UK-9 to the network?

Whatever works, but W5UK-9 is at 600 feet and
is WORKING and can hear a very large area and
the beam approach from an Igate is simple to do.
Also a temporary digi even at 80 feet would cover
less than 5% of what the one at 600 feet can hear.

But whatever works.  That's what ham radio is all

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