[aprssig] APRS In the New Orleans Area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 3 16:08:03 CDT 2005

One lesson I am going to take from this is the 
value of a simple solar panel.  Something to put
on the roof of my van, say about 1 foot square
(about 5W)

Since I (like many hams) find the 12 volt system in
my vehicle to be a resource of choice or convenience
in many amateur radio support roles, these lines at
the pumps and closed gas stations are a good reminder
of why I should not plan on running forever on the
12 volts in my vehicle, but should have alternate means
to keep a battery charged.

No, I am not saying this has anything to do with 
New Orleans, and also has nothing to do with 
the usual requirement at most true disasters to
be able to go on foot.

Its just a mental note I am making to myself, learned
today by the long lines and the shortage of gasoline that 
reminds me not to be 100% dependent on gas for long term
minimum essential DC power.   And to be sure I have
that solar panel in my "readiness" bag.  that's all.

Bob, Wb4APR

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