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[aprssig] Re: Off list, RE Generators.

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Sat Sep 3 23:03:05 UTC 2005

<an adequate explanation why a car engine tolerates
so much better, and doesn't clog,>

 Car engines tolerate the gas breakdown better because the fuel lines are
generally filled with fresh fuel "all" the time, and the fresh fuel washes
away the deposits that would form. However, in the carburetor, when fuel
runs out as the car is stopped the laquers form. Carburetors typically clog
enough under ordinary use so that they "should" be stripped and rebuilt
every five years.

I stripped and rebuilt a 5-year old Ford carb once, and the top speed of the
car went  up from 95 to over 110. Just from having the carb cleaned and
readjusted, and the adjustments were nothing compared to the varnish that
came out of the carb. If you'd like to see <G> buy an old junkyard carb,
open it up, see what comes out of the fine passages. Since carbs that are
"factory" rebuilt are expensive, and locally rebuilt ones are often worse
than how they started, most car owners ignore the problem. Or buy new cars.

Fuel injectors also clog, but because they are filled and sealed most of the
time, it is less of a problem than with carbs.

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