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>  Serial-to-USB converter "dongles" vary wildly in how faithfully they 
> emulate a real serial port.  Especially how they emulate (or don't 
> emulate!) the hand-shaking lines of a real serial port since these 
> lines don't exist in USB. Some will work only with some programs, 
> others with nearly all.   The Belkin converters are especially 
> notorious for poor compatibility and have been repeatedly blasted on 
> this list,  the UIview mailing list and the MixW list.    
> Some of the variables involved are: 
> o     What IC chipset is the cable based on? [Doug Ferrell] (cables 
> are based on a chipset?) 
YES !!!   These cables are active devices with dedicated 
microcontrollers encapulated in the DB9 housing. 

> o     What operating system (Win 98SE, Win2K or WinXP) are you 
> using?[Doug Ferrell]  --< he is running XP

Just to emphasize that the "Yes it works, No it doesn't" reports from 
other users don't prove anything unless you indicate what OS you are 

>    Sorry but the bottom line, his USB to serial is working.... Vic 
> stated in his message that saw the data in Hyperterm. USB-SERIAL is 
> working. So we are now down to configuration for APRSPoint. Service 
> packs,."root ports", IC Chipsets are a moot point for this particular 
> setup.
> ....D

As I pointed out in my original post, that fact that the thing works 
with app A (Hyperterm) won't prove it will work with app B (APRSpoint). 
   This is  due to differences in various applicatons' tolerance for 
less-than-perfect emulation of hardware I/O buffer stacks, interrupt 
latencies, hand-shaking timing,etc.

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