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[aprssig] Dissaster help

Kevin Deckert kdeckert at telus.net
Sun Sep 4 20:29:32 UTC 2005

Much discussion is happening here do to recent tragic events. Most amateur's have the overwhelming feeling of wanting to help. It is our nature and the nature of our hobby.
I have been on both "ends" of some big events and humbly offer the following.  
As the boyscouts say "Be prepared" have the ability to look after yourself and those around you first. Caring for their immediate needs and safety.Then reach out to others.
If all your equipment is established and ready to operate under truly difficult conditions and you yourself practice the techniques and skills required. Then and only then are you and Asset and not a Liability.
Formats such as this sig are a good way to developed these practices and methods and share ideas from knowledge and experience. Surely some of the topics are perhaps best for another sig but this is where we are.... 
So be READY.
Kevin Deckert, VE7WHK, Emergency Communications Officer Wells Gray Country.
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