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Enough I think. FW: [aprssig] FW: Off list, RE Generators.

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Sep 5 14:15:19 UTC 2005

The last, I promise!

Cant send direct to Ray, not on his ISP's servers white list.  that's
why I put it hear again..

	Dave B.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Baxter 
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 2:45 PM
To: 'Ray McKnight'
Subject: RE: [aprssig] FW: Off list, RE Generators.

Hi Ray...

OK on Outlook vs OE etc.  Using the full thing, and corporate
server/firewall thingie hear.  See what delivers or bounces this time.

OK on the engine.  I agree with you about throwing more money at it,
when it's more economic to just buy a replacement, and either junk the
old one, or turn it into something else.  Modern art perhaps?

OK on the fuel problems.  I seem to remember hearing something about
that some time ago, can't remember when or where though.  Still, I'm
happy with the oil burners.  Less volatile's to fade away, and a more or
less sealed system.  If you've got compression, and fuel, it will run
(if you can turn the blighter!)

I know how fiercely patriotic many people over there are, and that B&S
are essentially a good company.  Certainly even over hear we see 100's
of the things, all shapes and sizes..  Tecumesh too, but I've only seen
2 stroke engines of theirs.  Run forever though it seems...

However, a good friend of mine, born and bread in America will not buy
B&S any more, I think he had a similar experience to you with the
warranty scheme.  So he now only uses Honda power, controversial in
parts of the US I guess though...  He says that since making that
decision, he's never had a "mechanical" failure of an engine.  He
makes/repairs small farm machinery, and restores old John Deer tractors
etc, so is an accomplished mechanic, self educated too, a thoroughly
nice bloke.   Watching him, hand start an old JD twin is amazing.  He's
under 5' tall, and nothing of him.  I'm 6'+ and can swing the thing OK,
but never got it to catch.  He does it first time, every time...
Practice eh!...

Other than the three portable(ish) genny's I have.  I think my choice
would be, because it's there, has a large tank of (fresh) fuel most of
the time, is to run the Land Rover engine at a fast idle to keep the
alternator happy, plus it keeps noise and vibration down, and run a
large inverter.  I can also extract warm air and hot water from it (on
tap) if needed, just a bit of a pain if I need to go anywhere at the
same time! :)  I have another car, and a bike if need be.

Someone said something about diesels running underwater, and why they
are liked on boats.  That's as maybe.  Hear at least, the main reason is
the lack of petrol (Gas) vapour to settle in the bilge and go bang when
you don't want it!  LPG is also beginning to loose favour for
heating/cooking for the same reason.  Diesel, Paraffin (Kerosene) & even
solid fuel stoves are beginning to make a bit of a comeback as a result.
There is also lot's of legislative reasons too relating to the above,
making annual inspection costly and insurance certificates even more
costly.  As someone else put it, and as Ham's we can I guess appreciate
the sentiment.  "I go boating to get away from the suits"......  (I have
a yachtmaster ticket, but sadly no boat!)

Looking at the aprssig list traffic over the weekend, I think we've just
about done the generator topic!

Cheers Ray...

Hope the weekend was good..



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