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[aprssig] Duplexer or Diplexer

Tyler Allison tyler at allisonhouse.com
Mon Sep 5 21:18:28 UTC 2005

> kkotch at earthlink.net wrote:
>> Scenario:  Dual-band mobile and separate 2m mobile with tnc.
>> Can a duplexer/diplexer be built (or is one available) that would
>> allow both radio systems to be hooked up to one dual-band antenna?
>> The dual-band radios with one antenna lead has a built-in duplexer.
>> Is that where the problem would occur trying to coordinate another
>> duplexer?
> Unless you implement a "kludge" of mechanical coax relays to
> connect/disconnect the various radios, NO !

Not to hijack the thread but what is the safest way to run a Dual Band
mobile (used for voice) and a stand-alone APRS system in a car?

Given the above comments about duplexer/diplexer it would be best to run
two antennas. But now I have two antennas in the VHF band that MUST be
within 6 to 10feet of each other given limited space on the top of a car.

Besides getting them as far apart as possible is there anything else to
protect each of the radios from being fried?


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