[aprssig] TM-D700A question

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 5 16:28:34 CDT 2005

>If the data band is on A side, then you can have 
>UHF and degraded sensitivity for VHF on the 
>B side. 

But it is only about 1 dB, hardly worth considering
in light of the covenience of keeping APRS on 
Band A and then Band B can do all frequencies.

Dont forget to set APRS Voice Alert on the APRS
data band too.  This lets you receive Voice calls
on the APRS side which is squelched with CTCSS
100 instead of wasting a perfectly good receiver
by turning the volume down.

With voice alert, everyone knows they can reach
for a voice call no pmatter what you are doing on
the B side, because they know you are listening
with CTCSS 100 on the APRS A side.  And will
hear a call if they are within simlex range.

Its like a 3rd receiver...


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