[aprssig] RE: Small Solar Panels

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 5 16:45:56 CDT 2005

Measured values in Phoenix AZ, clear, windless, low humidity day, sun at
noon Sept 5, panel normal to sun:

				1.5W			5W
Open Circuit Voltage	20.3v			19.7v
Short Circuit Current	104mA			0.42A
Maximum Power at Load	0.98w at 157ohms	3.78w at 44ohms
Dimensions (active)	3.8x11.6"		17.5x11.6"
Efficiency (1000w/m2)	3.5%			2.9%
Sale price			$11.99		$39.99
Price per watt		$12.24		$10.57

I get 5 watts with two parrelled 5 watt Harbor Ft. panels in S. Nevada.
Can't really charge anything with 5 watts.
May be OK for a AA cell pack.


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