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[aprssig] TM-D700A question

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 08:39:51 UTC 2005

I think it is safe to say, anyone using any voice on the European
frequency of 144.800, will be seriously unpopular!  You are unlikely to
be heard at first in any case...

If as many say, your .390 frequency is also so busy already, having
people talking on there will only make matters very much worse, so I'd
guess the long knives would come out over there too..

For genuine "Emergency" working (such as in the wake of Katrina) or on a
"group net" frequency then there is maybe a use, but for normal APRS
use, and especialy anyone visiting the UK or Europe, don't use voice
allert, unless you want flames!...

In any case, it only works AFIK for users with the D700 rig...  D7's,
trackers, radio's and TNC's etc, wont open a new RX audio path.


Dave B.

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> >If the data band is on A side, then you can have UHF and degraded 
> >sensitivity for VHF on the B side.
> But it is only about 1 dB, hardly worth considering in light 
> of the covenience of keeping APRS on Band A and then Band B 
> can do all frequencies.
> Dont forget to set APRS Voice Alert on the APRS data band 
> too.  This lets you receive Voice calls on the APRS side 
> which is squelched with CTCSS 100 instead of wasting a 
> perfectly good receiver by turning the volume down.
> With voice alert, everyone knows they can reach for a voice 
> call no pmatter what you are doing on the B side, because 
> they know you are listening with CTCSS 100 on the APRS A 
> side.  And will hear a call if they are within simlex range.
> Its like a 3rd receiver...
> Bob
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