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[aprssig] some fun....

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 10:55:32 UTC 2005

Hi Ian...

You could use a Tiny Track, or Open Trac module, they can take in a TTL
level and change the status they transmit to the APRS (RF) network,
wherefrom it would be gated to the 'IS?  Also look up SOTT or Son Of
Tiny Track.  Runs on the same hardware as a TT2, but open source...  You
can do anything you want then of course.  Beacons on RF could be useful
to your users of course...

If you want it to go out direct to the 'net instead of RF, ui-view (and
no doubt others) has a rich programming interface that you may be able
to use..

I can successfully run Ui-view and Echolink simultaniously on one PC
behind a NAT router with no problems, but I don't run any IRLP software,
so there may be other things to consider.

Try contacting one of the APRS-IS server sysops, see what they suggest?
Pick one near you of course, easier to chat on RF or phone then...


Dave B G0WBX.

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> > Kinda like the argument that IRLP and EchoLink have taken 
> the *radio* 
> > out of ham radio....but that statement should be reserved 
> for another 
> > thread on another list I suppose.
> > /me steps into flame retardant suit
> > Mark - KE4QKT
> On a (semi) related note, is there any program that can be 
> run on an IRLP node PC which will send an object to the 
> APRS-IS indicating when the node changes linking state 
> to/from 'clear' & 'linked to IRLPxxxx'?
> -Ian ZL1VFO
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