[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 10:58:45 CDT 2005

OK, all understood, as I have been folowing this for a while, but 90% +
of the APRS community out there do not subscribe to this (or other
related) email lists, so will not know about it, or how to use it

Most would just keep chatting on the APRS frequency, call me a cynic,
but that's how it would be.

We have enough trouble hear with fixed phone stations who though they
can hear each other quite well simplex, insist on chatting for extended
periods on a repeater, refusing to even leave a pause for any mobiles.
People like that would just use APRS as a sort of pager, not a lot else,
to the detriment of the rest of the local network, such as it is.


Dave B. G0WBX.

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> Dave,
> I think you are missinterpreting what Voice Alert actually 
> is.  It is for making a "CALL", *not* for talking.  One makes 
> the call as "XXXXXX this is YYYYYY call me on ZZZ.ZZ".  Nothing more.
> It takes 4 seconds.  And even in the Washington DC area which 
> is the most saturated APRS system in the world, now that we 
> have the New-N in place, the channel is often clear for 5 to 
> 10 seconds most of the time.

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