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[aprssig] Solar Powered WX Digi in SE NH...

Kriss & Erin Kliegle kliegle at rcn.com
Tue Sep 6 21:53:37 UTC 2005

I run a 100% Solar Powered WX Digi in SE New Hampshire.

Equipment consists of 4 'Golf Cart' batteries in a series/parallel configuration. 1 batt = 6V at 220A/Hr So I have a 14 Vdc system w 440 A/Hr.
I run about 140 watts of PV power from 4 PV panels into a Morningstar charge controller.  This charger gives an equalization charge every 25 days or so, and has auto load shed if too high/low buss voltage.
The radio is an IC-2000, KPC-3 8.2, and a Peet Bros U-500 WX station. The  Icom is a bit overkill but at times I run the power up for experiments. The whole site is in a shed atop a hill and is not heated other than solar gain, which is about nil since the shed is white presently.
All my panels were found either in 'want ads' or word of mouth, not retail... so I paid about $2.50 per watt!
Station has been fine through our New England winters for years. Presently I have path problems since it shows up on FindU intermittently.

KA1GJU-3 Solar WX Digi

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