[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Sep 7 10:15:57 CDT 2005

Where do you get your 85% from.  Is that in the US, or World Wide?

I've read the TH-D7A/E manual several times and not seen anything about
any Voice Alert.

APRS, SSTV, SkyCommand (that the e version doesnt support, sadly) etc
and so on, OK.

I've not got it hear at the moment (rig or book) but I do have the in
depth programming manual as a pdf, and there is no mention of it in

We get the E version over hear, and popular it is too.  The D700 is also
popular, but not to the same extent as the D7, mainly due to it's huge
cost.  The D7 handie is not cheap either, unless you pick one up second
hand, as I did. (eBay)


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> >That's my other argument.  Most of APRS operators setups 
> wont support a 
> >Voice Alert in any case, whatever Bob my hope...
> Depends on what "most" means....
> It is a fact that 85% of all APRS mobiles that receive APRS 
> while mobile are using

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