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[aprssig] Re: APRS Voice Alert

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Sep 7 15:39:19 UTC 2005

dave at emv.co.uk wrote:

>Where do you get your 85% from.  Is that in the US, or World Wide?
>I've read the TH-D7A/E manual several times and not seen anything about
>any Voice Alert.
>APRS, SSTV, SkyCommand (that the e version doesnt support, sadly) etc
>and so on, OK.
>I've not got it hear at the moment (rig or book) but I do have the in
>depth programming manual as a pdf, and there is no mention of it in
The voice alert concept is not in the manual.   It's something Bob 
conceived of when he realized that turning on the PL on the "A" band 
wouldn't interfere with the radio's APRS transmit/receive ability,   but 
would increase the utility of the radio by giving you a virtual "third" 
channel for close-in simplex monitoring & call-ups.

It doesn't require anything special except to turn on PL-guarded receive 
and PL encode on transmit on the APRS side of the radio.

BTW, it is a common misconception that the "SSTV" menu functions enable 
the D7/D700 to operate on SSTV.  They don't!  
All the SSTV menu does is set certain options on the now-discontinued 
VC-H1 hand-held SSTV device.   All of these functions/options can be set 
locally from the VC-H1's own front panel.  

The ability of the D700 (or any other transceiver) to operate on SSTV 
depends on having an external device (soundcard & software, scan 
converter, VC-H1, etc) that can generate and decode the audio tones used 
for SSTV operation.  Normally these tones are sent/received by feeding 
them    to & from   the  mic jack & speaker jack   of any radio. 

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