[aprssig] MFJ1274 as a NEWn-N digi?

Brad Smith smithb at bpsmicro.com
Wed Sep 7 10:42:59 CDT 2005

I suddenly find myself rushed to clarify a few things with respect to our
local digi upgrade, so I'll make this short and sweet. :-)
I have access to an MFJ 1274 TNC for free. I've been told this is *not* a
TNC2 clone so not suitable for the UIDIGI-ROM swap. That just leaves me with
the question as to whether I'm going to be able to make this TNC work as a
NEWn-N digipeater (fully compliant except the SSn-N is optional in our area
right now). Are there any special things I need to know? I have some
experience with the KPC TNCs, but the bulk of my "expertise" is with
UI-View-based digi operation.
If the 1274 is not going to be suitable, I can easily look into the other
options. I'm just under some pressure to come up with a solution fairly
quickly. Any advice (up to and including specific programming instructions
(-: ) greatly appreciated. You can respond off-list to my callsign @rac.ca.
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