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New Orleans is not in Mississippi.  These hams are being requested by
the Salvation Army in Mississippi to work with the Salvation Army teams
in the Mississippi area.  They will be briefed in Jackson, MS on what
communications to use before being deployed.


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> Keith,
> Here is the info that APRS operators in the New Orleans area 
> should have:
> Hope that helps
> de Wb4APR, Bob
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> This just in...
> The Salvation Army in Mississippi is requesting ARES provide 
> two 2- person, self-contained, teams with HF capability. APRS 
> is also desired. These teams should be prepared with 
> generator if possible. Food and water is expected to be 
> available in the operational area along the MS coast. The 
> task is to provide communications among the Salvation Army 
> teams operating there and their division headquarters in 
> Jackson MS, as well as outgoing H&W.
> A short orientation session in Jackson is required prior to 
> deployment.
> The request is from the Salvation Army, and was communicated 
> through Ron Brown AB5WF, ARES DEC in Jackson MS.
> Anyone qualified and available for this assignment should e-mail
> me:  kk5ca_at_arrl.net
> Jerry

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