[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 7 11:34:43 CDT 2005

>>> dave at emv.co.uk 09/07/05 11:28 AM >>>
>>.....and as a mobile or portable station you are 
>>low to the ground and have a limited simplex range.....
>If that's the case as a mobile, you'll be out 
>of range in a minute or so..  Not a lot of time 
>to have a chat.

Still looking at the wrong end of the elephant!
Once you establish communications, you can
move to a repeater if you need longer time.

>I know from ... how it -*should*- be used, but...
>many people WILL chat on the APRS frequency 
>as a result.

They would either be clueless or stupid.  Why would
anyone try to chat on a channel that is clobbered
every few seconds by data coming at you from all
directions from hilltop digis on all sides.  They would
never get to have any meaningful QSO because their
QSO would be jammed.

APRS voice alert has nothing to do with QSO.  It has
to being able to hear a 4 second alerting call to 
QSY.  But then only rarely.  Mostly its just an audible
alert that anotehr APRS D7/D700 operator is 
nearby in simplex range.




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