[aprssig] MFJ1274 as a NEWn-N digi?

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P.S.  you committed the common error of quoting an email address or URL at
the end of a sentence, and then reflexively typed a end-of-sentence period
immediately after the address.  This breaks the automatic live-link
click-to-reply function of most email programs since the ending period gets
quoted into the TO: address on the "send new message" form creating an
invalid email address.   
Actually, that was deliberate. "my callsign @rac.ca" will never be clickable
and isn't valid anyway. Slows down the spammers a teensy bit. :-)
As an aside, for anybody interested, what I've found also works well with
extremely long URLs is to surround them with angle brackets (eg. <an
extremely long URL.com>). In many (but alas, not all) cases this will not
only fix the trailing period problem, but also the line break problem.

Many thanks for the alternative TNC info. I have that all on file and
originally was looking at the TNC-X alternative for a variety of reasons
(not the least of which being the geek factor of building from a kit). But
my timetable suddenly got pushed up from "soon" to "ASAP". <sigh>
My only concern now is your comment on the MFJ 1274 requiring a motherboard
hack. I'm going to do a Google lookup, but the consensus seems to be that it
*doesn't* actually require one to be used with UIDIGI. I'm hoping not, but
if there's any confirmation and pointer to specifics, I'd like to see it.
Thanks all;
Brad. [VE3BSM]
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