[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Sep 7 12:38:06 CDT 2005

Many FM only radios do not have a mini din plug (or other aux socket) so
using the speaker or ear socket (also cuts out the speaker) when used
for an external TNC.

If you use a radio with no pre-squelch AF out, ie have to use the
speaker/ear socket, or RX pin on the mic socket (many Yaesu's) then any
use of CTCSS squelch will cut out your ability to receive packet or APRS
signals. (except for the odd one with the tone on?)

Many radios used for packet/APRS do not support CTCSS or tone squelch
anyway, as they are older items that are used as a second rig, purely
for packet/APRS.

Not sure about "one button use".  I think on the D7 like others, you
have to set it all up first, then it may be a one button selection.  On
my Standard C510, it's multiple buttons and twist the knob to get the
menu selection.

As to...
They would either be clueless or stupid.

Have you actually listened to some repeaters lately in a built up area?
1750 tones with CTCSS, often the wrong CTCSS tone as well.  Over
deviation.  Even CTCSS tones used when a repeater doesn't need it!  At
least that's what is happening here in the UK more often than not.

Also...  Please remember 144.390 is a US national channel.  144.800 is
used in UK/Europe.

The national FM calling frequency in the UK is 145.500 BTW, for anyone
visiting.  12.5k channel spacing, 2.5k deviation.  Not that these days
many actually listen there any more, with or without a tone squelch.

As to sending APRS with a tone as well, I can think of nothing more
annoying than that, and it would encourage me even more to leave the AF
gain pot at minimum, or mute the speaker, as the sound of packet is not
nice.  (especially if I have passengers in the car too!)

If anyone "Needs" to contact me, it is unlikely they will even think of
ham radio, let alone APRS, the vast majority of my friends and family
are not licensed, though they know I am.  The mobile phone will ring,
buz, vibrate etc.  Third party traffic is essentially prohibited, except
for genuine authorised emergency use.

For a look at the other side of things.  Connect Ui-View to a tier-2
server, and put a filter in to exclude all but the UK/Europe, then run
the statistical gathering routine, and see what happens.  We may all be

Look at the map too, see the gaping holes in coverage.

Going home now, no APRS, not worth it for 15 mins, and anyway, all the
electrics go off in the car when the key is removed, and I am not
permitted to modify it in any way.  Ui-View may be QRV via the net
later, in stealth mode perhaps :-)  If anyone wants to, and they are in
range, shout at me via GB3VA in about 10 minutes!....  (No, it's not
internet linked)

Scott N1VG has the right idea, what he proposes would be extremely
useful to the travelling Ham.

73 one and all..

Dave (with call this time) G0WBX.

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