[aprssig] Auto QSY feature.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 7 13:03:53 CDT 2005

We have been pushing the "auto frequency
beacon" idea is since 1998 when we first got the 
D7 and D700.  We wanted the STATUS text to 
contain the actual frequency of the Band B.  
THis way not only can the human see what other 
frequency the user is on, but we can make radios 
and software that can auto-QSY in response... 
just as you have noted....  

In fact, someone should be able to write a clever 
PIC processor to do it for existing D700's.
The PIC just queries the radio periodically for
the BANDB frequency, and then writes that
into the APRS status text.  This could just be
a dongle hanging off the radio's serial port.


>This is why we need smarter radios. 
>Not only should you be able to get 
>repeaters and such programmed into 
>memory automatically, but your radio 
>ought to know the calling frequency 
>for any nearby stations.  Just select a 
>station, hit a button, and you're 
>QSY'd to their call frequency.

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