[aprssig] findU grim times ahead...

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Sep 7 13:23:23 CDT 2005

Well, I have the backup server running as well as I can, and yet it  
cannot even handle half the load. When the primary server goes  
offline (I've asked to have my server be the last plug pulled, but it  
can happen at any time), expect to get a lot of delays and errors  
when trying to access findU. Gerry has ordered more memory for the  
backup machine and I expect that will help, but it is still 4 year  
old hardware faced with a very large load. Hopefully the server will  
be in its new co-lo site early in the week.

Normally, when faced with inadequate hardware, I'd just order a new  
machine and bump the old one to become the backup, but I found out  
today I've gotten a job as a park ranger at a state park here in the  
Keys, so in a month I'll be earning less than 10% of what I make now.  
I'll be much happier, but I won't be spending $7000 of my own money  
for the next server. I have a couple thousand in the fund from the  
Google ads and donations, and maybe after the server is in its new  
digs I'll try to mount a fundraiser for the rest so the backup can be  
a real backup...

Sorry for any troubles that you experience in the next week...

Ranger Steve ;-)

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