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Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 17:07:52 CDT 2005

RE: yacking on Voice Alert... a.k.a. please laugh _WITH_ me.


36 year Electrical Engineer in communication field with _major_ 2-way manuf.  Know all about RF, audio, PL etc. In fact, designed much in each area. Fast forward to around 2002 and the aquisition of a D700 & GPS.  Read all I can and get it set up, including what you now call Voice Alert.  I read about being able to give short calls and be heard - neat idea.  Now I know enough to call and get off, so I don't think "most" hams wouild QSO on .39, but that's only my opinion and you never can under estimate the stupidity of come (stand by please...).

Now.  You'd think that I filled in all the blanks here, but as time goes on I keep hearing these APRS "Sqwaks" as I call them.  It isn't all the time, just once in a while...  Sheesh, I'm thinkin'  How could Kenwood let this kind of a flaw happen? Letting APRS bursts through a PL squelched receiver.  Perhaps I should call them and see if this was fixed on later models (I have one pre-owned).  Gladly, I didn't.  Then one day, I'm talking to Robie, WA9INF and he mentions something about the 100 PL Voice Alert and BONG!  Of course you idiot, I think to myself.  You'll not only hear voice, but also _beacons_ of near near-by mobiles with the PL on.  DUH!.

Tail between legs, 73, Steve, K;9.D'C,I


Perhaps this should be recommended for the D700 follow-up radio... turn off PL for Beacons to allow "non-squawk" Vioce Alert (IF you want to enable this, that is)

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