[aprssig] APRS in New Orleans got one packet out!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 7 18:20:05 CDT 2005

K9APRS foot mobile in New Orleans just got a posit out!

With exceeding luck, his packet digipeated with
one-hop via the New Orleans W5UK-9 digi just got
out via a lucky shot to an IGate over 160 miles away!


Here was his D7 position report (within .2 mi of the digi):
 K9APR-7>2YUT3X,W5UK-9*,qAo,AA5ED-10:`vZ1l [/>

Notice that his packet was heard via the one-hop
W5UK-9 digi and then via an IGate over 160 miles away!
This confirms that there are stations in the downtown
area being seen locally by the W5UK-9 one-hop digi,
but nothing is getting beyond that because
that digi truncates all packets to one hop and 
does callsign substitution, thus canceling the
rest of his original path.  There is not an IGate 
that can hear that digi direct.  We need one.

But that W5UK-9 digi is at 600 feet! in downtown
New Orleans.  It can be heard direct over 60 miles 
away.  If t here is anyone with an IGate, not
 involved in emergency response that can simply 
point a beam towards New Orleans and get those 
packets from that digi after their one-hop, then that 
Igate will re-constitute APRS connetctivity to 
downtown New Orleans.

Good luck!

>>> Robert Bruninga 09/06/05 8:39 PM >>>
Please pass this to whoever might be trying to
re-constitute the APRS network in New Orleans:

It can be done easily!

THe main APRS digipeater in New Orleans is working
fine at 600 feet and covering over 5000 square miles!
BUT, it is a rare one-hop-only digi.  This means that
although the beacons from that digi are making it
to the global APRS system via 2 hops, any APRS mobiles
or traffic originated via that digipeater are not making 
it out (because they are being limited to one hop only).

All that is needed is someone with an APRS IGate
software within 90 miles of  New Orleans to point a
beam at the W5UK-9 digi in downtown so that
his IGate can hear the digi direct.  WIth this one
station, it will tie-in the entire New Orleans
network to the global APRS system to completely
restore connectivity.

Locals may not be noticing this problem.  Yes, they
are SEEING the W5UK-9 digi on their systems, but
that is because that digi is sending out its OWN
ID beacons via 2 hops, but it can only send out
the packets from its USERS as one-hop.

The nearest IGates in Alabama and Baton Rouge
are 2 hops away.  THus nothing is getting out of
New Orleans except only the DIGI's beacons.

Hope you can get this to someone who maybe has
the ability to re-establish the APRS conectivity
out of New Orleans.

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

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