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> Here's what our former club president wrote, I
> couldn't have said better myself...
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> September 7, 2005
> Mr. Edward J. Zander
> Chairman of the Board and CEO
> Motorola, Inc.
> Schaumburg, IL   60196
> Mr. Zander,
> As a professional firefighter and fire captain for
> thirty years I have used many Motorola products on a
> daily basis.  As a licensed master electrician for
> twenty years I have some understanding of the
> frailties of electrical and electronic equipment. 
> As an amateur radio operator I understand the basics
> of communications systems.
> With this in mind I am appalled at the comments by
> Motorola employee Jim Screeden in the September 6,
> 2005 Wall Street Journal article by Christopher
> Rhoads, "As Telecom Reels From Storm Damage, Ham
> Radios Hum" .  Not only are Mr. Screeden's comments
> insensitive and completely out of order, they are
> just plain wrong.  Mr. Screeden, and everyone else
> at Motorola and it's competitors that has any
> involvement with public safety related
> communications, needs to take a serious look at
> which systems are functional in disasters and which
> systems have a long and consistent history of
> failure or reduced capability in the times of
> greatest need. 
> Mr. Screeden may be an excellent manager for repair
> operations.  However, he, and all of Motorola, must
> realize that he is repairing equipment that failed
> when it was most needed.  The amateur radio system
> that he refers to as "better than nothing. but
> pretty close to nothing" has continued to function
> and in many situations is now the only choice.  And
> it functions with out taxpayer support or the need
> for specialized repair teams from distant states.
> I sincerely hope that you will address this
> situation with a full page letter to the public in
> the Wall Street Journal apologizing to the amateur
> radio community for Mr. Screeden's unjustified
> remarks.   Anything less will leave a serious black
> spot on the reputation and ethics of your company.  
> Thank you,
> Tom Richardson,  AB1CL
> 11 Littlehale Road
> Durham, NH   03824-2106
> Cc:
> American Radio Relay League
> Federal Communications Commission
> Department of Homeland Security
> Wall Street Journal
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