[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 04:35:30 CDT 2005

> Why do you assume that the two stations will be traveling in opposit 
> directions?  That can/will happen but also two APRS equiped 
> hams can be 
> traveling the same direction but at different speeds .. in which case 
> communication / conversation can last for many minutes.

>From personal experience driving round the 'states.   Most main highways
(not all it has to be said) are straight lines.  (CA, FL, PA, MN, TX)

Over hear, most are anything but straight, even those that are (M1, M4,
M6 etc) have significant ups and downs, so even (as has happened to me)
if you are following another ham, or being followed, even only three or
five miles apart, hill's, buildings etc get in the way and ruin the day.
There are even significant sources of QRM to contend with.

It is very rare to find another ham within a mile of you, going in the
same direction.  The ham population of the UK, is a small fraction of
the total.  Unlike elsewhere in the world.  Also, many do not run /M, as
we have "company cars" and are not permitted to install stuff like ham
gear.  Or as in my case, not to "perforate" the car, so it's a QRP semi
temporary job, mag mounts and all that..

Our highest "mountain" is lower than many of your hils.  Most hill's in
the UK do not have any digi, repeater, or even commercial RF stuff on,
as there is no easy access to the top, or power nearby.  Just about all
land is privately owned too.

Of those that do, the costs of running any ham digi/repeater etc are
massive, as we now have to pay commercial rates for the rack space, and
have to employ "Proffesional" (qualified and certified) riggers (VERY
expensive!) as well as get clearence from all the other users on site
before ANYTHING can be installed.  Many voice repeaters have been closed
as a result of these changes, some have re-located to lesser locations,
many have just quit.

Our local repeater group have three voice repeaters, and one (semi
redundant) packet node, all on private sites.  It costs I am told over
1000 GB pounds a year, just for the privilage of doing that.  And that
has to come from the group sub's.  Yes I am a member.


	Dave. G0WBX

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