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[aprssig] MFJ1274 as a NEWn-N digi?

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Thu Sep 8 14:42:45 UTC 2005


Are you a member of the UIDIGI Yahoo Group?  If not you should join as I 
believe the information you want is there in the 'DataBase' section of 
the group.  Looking at the info there it appears if this is a 1274C, 
then you would treat it the same as a MFJ1270C.  You will see that I 
have provided instructions for the 1270C (see the author line for 
N5IN).  I also have additional information in the Files section of that 
site on this subject.

If it is an earlier model (such as a 1274 or 1274B --- I am guessing 
there may have been such), then it's likely that you would follow the 
instructions for the MFJ1270B, which information is also in the DataBase 
section of the UIDIGI group.  I have just a few 1270B's in the field, 
and my recollection was that you only have to replace the MFJ firmware 
chip with the UIDIGI firmware and its ready to roll.  But again the 
details are on the UIDIGI Yahoo Group.

And there are others in that group who probably have more info on the 
1274..just ask.

Ron, N5IN

My only concern now is your comment on the MFJ 1274 requiring a 
motherboard hack. I'm going to do a Google lookup, but the consensus 
seems to be that it *doesn't* actually require one to be used with 
UIDIGI. I'm hoping not, but if there's any confirmation and pointer to 
specifics, I'd like to see it.
> Thanks all;
> Brad. [VE3BSM
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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