[aprssig] Single Board PC

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Sat Sep 3 13:02:02 CDT 2005

Bob, I have an Eden 500mhz mini itx PC running as a server at my house,
and haven't had a lick of trouble out of it.  It has a small case from
axion-tech.com that has a 12v supply built in.  I can't recall exactly,
but seems like it draws little more than 1 amp running windows.  A word
of caution about the power supply though... it has _no_ 12v regulation,
so if you were to run it from the cigarette plug in a car, you could
apply 16volts to your HDD's 12v buss.

The eden MB only has one serial port, but you can easily add a USB
serial for $16 from usbmax.com, or use the PCI layover riser card that
comes with the axiontech case and add a pci serial card.





Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Can anyone point to a source of single-
> board PC's with 2 serial ports, and sound 
> card that comes with WIndows.  Something to
> put in a box and forgetabout.  But
> can plug in a monitor and Keyboard to
> set up.
> It will run ALOGGER, and ECHOLINK, etc...
> for a stand-alone remote controlled satgate.
> Dont want hamfest specials, but something that
> is reproducible...
> Thanks
> Bob
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