[aprssig] MFJ1274 as a NEWn-N digi?

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Thu Sep 8 16:37:55 CDT 2005


If it has been used before, perhaps by TheNet (27C256 version), then you 
should just have to drop in UIDIGI-ROM and it should sing.

Ron, N5IN

Brad [VE3BSM] wrote:
> Are you a member of the UIDIGI Yahoo Group?  If not you should join as I
> believe the information you want is there in the 'DataBase' section of the
> group.  Looking at the info there it appears if this is a 1274C, then you
> would treat it the same as a MFJ1270C.  You will see that I have provided
> instructions for the 1270C (see the author line for N5IN).  I also have
> additional information in the Files section of that site on this subject.
> If it is an earlier model (such as a 1274 or 1274B --- I am guessing there
> may have been such), then it's likely that you would follow the instructions
> for the MFJ1270B, which information is also in the DataBase section of the
> UIDIGI group.  I have just a few 1270B's in the field, and my recollection
> was that you only have to replace the MFJ firmware chip with the UIDIGI
> firmware and its ready to roll.  But again the details are on the UIDIGI
> Yahoo Group.
> <<
> I'm a member now, and did plenty of reading. I don't yet have physical
> access to the TNC, however the guy who owns it programmed the ROM, stuck it
> in and it booted right up. He specifically referred to it several times as
> the 1274 (no A, B or C) and I'm sure he would have if it had a letter.
> I'm not sure if the fact it booted is enough, or whether we'll know for sure
> once it's attached to a radio.
> For the other TNC, I was specifically told it's an unlettered 1270.
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