[aprssig] MFJ-1278

gervais fillion ve2ckn at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:19:33 CDT 2005

hi joseph
well one thing i could tell you is that the 1278 could not be modify to be 
able to run a THENET in the packet mode ,my response i had it was that it 
"was not a TNC2"
like the PK232 it seems to be in his own world

it will finish just like my PK,on hf where it was and still is one of the 
best tnc with the PK


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>Subject: [aprssig] MFJ-1278
>Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 18:02:15 -0400
>I've read some of the earlier posts re: the MFJ-1278.
>I'm not clear on whether the 1278 can be used with a UIDIGI chip without
>further modification.
>My 1278 reads on the bottom:
>Does that make it compatible without the header plus replacement
>previously discussed?
>Thank you,
>Joseph R. Skoler, kc2yu
>joseph at nycequities.com
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