[aprssig] APRS Voice Alert

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Thu Sep 8 18:35:36 CDT 2005

the second trick would be to tie the TNC in so that it acts like a
>D700, where the TNC hears the packets but only spits out a data burst
>through the speaker if the 100Hz PL tone is there.

Think GE Phoenix. Use the discriminator audio to feed the tnc. (This won't 
work for the hold-off on a tiny track though). You will need to provide a 
de-emphasis network, mostl likely, as the tnc expects de-emphasized audio 
(ie connected to speaker), and the discriminator is "flat".

Also, watch on Ebay if you buy these. The programming chip is scarce, and 
some unscrupulous sellers pull the chip and see that in addition to the 
radio at optional cost, or are unclear if the chip is included.

I've got several U and V Phoenix in service.. good radios for 30-40 bucks.

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