[aprssig] GPS to D700 Connection

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
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You have a 50 50 chance of right or wrong

pins 2&3 are data in / out on a db9

gnd pin5 well u can not get that wrong.

What I did with mine is start the D700 and set gps type to "NMEA"

or even better, goto the packet mon screen

You should see GPS data there.

You can not really do any harm getting them mixed up for testing.

On mine I only use white and dumped the red lead, what's the point of
sending data back to the gps with no screen ?

So that narrows it down to the white lead.

You want to hook the white lead to the txd pin (3) on the db9

pretty simple but yes it is amazing how many people get it wrong.

The other thing i use is a buzzer on my multimeter . you can "hear" the 4800
baud gps data

Andy vk4tec

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  Could someone sort out a technical detail for me. I am attaching a
GPS35-HV to a Kenwood D700A. The GPS35 has a cigar lighter power connector
and a DB9 RS232 connector as standard equipment.

  The diagram in the D700A Specialized Communications Instruction Manual has
a diagram on page 10 which shows the 3 conductor plug with pigtail to GPS
wiring. I want to make up a DB9 connector on the end of the plug's pigtail.
The diagram says the white lead goes to the GPS DATA IN, the red lead goes
to the GPS DATA OUT  and the shield goes to GPS GND. I understand that the
three pins on the DB9 I need to  connect to are 2, 3 and 5. Shield goes to
5. Which pigtail lead goes to 2 and which goes to 3. Pin 2 is normally
called RXD and pin 3 is normally called TXD. I am always confused by this.
Just tell me red => 2, white => 3 or whatever. I am not smart enough to go
beyond that.

  On another note:
  Is there any technical manual that is more confusing then the D700A

  Any enlightenment will be appreciated.


  Victor Fraenckel - The Windman
  victorf ATSIGN windreader DOT com
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