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[aprssig] RE: Single Board PC

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 10 01:55:32 UTC 2005

Can you supply any pics?  This sounds really cool.  

Midland, MI

--- Shanon Herron <ka8spw at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I just built up a car P4 system with TWO serial
> ports, one on the back and one on a header on the
> MB.  The MINI-ATX Mother board is a MSI P4MAM2-V
> available from newegg for $42.  I used a now cheep
> P4 2.4GHz.  The mother also has built in VGA, 5 ch
> sound, 10-100 net, par.  I put this in a very small
> box and will power it from a 12VDC, 200Watt power
> supply available from another source.  email back if
> you want more info.  73, Shanon KA8SPW (Garden City,
> Michigan)
> KC2MMi <kc2mmi at verizon.net> wrote:Tyler-
> > Can anyone point to a source of single-
> > board PC's with 2 serial ports, and sound
> > card that comes with WIndows
> Probably not. Serial ports have officially been
> obsoleted by all the major
> vendors. While you can buy a which still supports
> one legacy serial port,
> the computer makers just can't justify the cost of
> including TWO of them and
> bumping out other ports that buyers want instead.
> Sound cards also are
> obsolete, almost all of the computers sold in the
> past five years have
> on-board sound chips. Again, a matter of cost. You
> might find a source of
> legacy *boards* but whole computers with an OS? Good
> luck.
> What you'll find on a new machine is one or no
> serial port, and an on-board
> sound chip. I'd suggest you look for the cheapest
> system that matches this
> and your other criteria, and then order serial port
> cards to add to them.
> Depending on your source and quantity, the serial
> port cards will cost you
> $5-10 each, and you'll save a lot more than that,
> compared to trying to find
> the high-end systems that might ship with dual
> serial ports in them. A
> single-board PC with dual serial ports? Gonna cost
> you, if you can find it.
> They just aren't commodity goods any more in today's
> market.
> Cheap new machines will probably ship only with
> Windows XP/Home, that's MS's
> cheapest OS these days.
> If you can live with older used machines, try
> calling leasing companies.
> They usually have hundreds of "exact same" computers
> coming off 3-year
> business leases, some of those might have different
> OSes if you don't need a
> current one.
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