[aprssig] Help setting up Kenwood D700A

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 11 18:34:15 CDT 2005

Make sure you have told the radio if you are or are
not using a GPS depending on your particular setup. 
It won't show any received packets or keep the list up
to date of received data/stations unless you tell it
how it is supposed to work.  I don't know what the
menu setting is but its on the APRS menu, 3 I think,
but I don't have the submenu numbers.  Also, another
menu setting has to be set to what NMEA string to
expect from the GPS.  If that isn't right, then it
won't work either.


--- Vic Fraenckel <victorf at windreader.com> wrote:

> I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier! 
> I have been struggling for two days to get my 700A
> on the air. I have it interfaced to a laptop running
> APRSPoint. I am receiving packets from other
> stations and see them plotted on my map, but I am
> unable to see my own packets. I have a GPS attached
> to the radio and 'believed' I had things setup
> properly on my radio. Not seeing my position show up
> on the map is discouraging. It leads me to believe I
> do not have forgotten something. Where have I gone
> wrong? Perhaps something is not set right in AP?
> Maybe I am not supposed to see myself! From the map
> display there appears to be a digipeater locally. I
> even went to findu to see if my station was there
> with no luck. One area I may have overlooked and
> just found in the User Manual is menu item 1-9-5 and
> 1-9-6. Do these have any effect on my problem? If
> so, I expect I should set 1-9-5 to 9600 and 1-9-6 to
> 1200. Right? 
> If someone could guide me in the radio set up - sort
> of step by step I would be grateful. I must have
> missed something. What are the minimal things that
> should be attended to as far as the radio's menus
> are concerned?
> I have the radio setup in TNC PKT mode, NMEA, 1200B
> packet transfer rate. My GPS is a Garmin GPS35 and I
> have verified that it is transmitting NMEA 4800B. In
> the vain hope that I wired the GPS => radio plug
> backwards I have even tried interposing a null modem
> between the GPS and the connector to the radio. I
> wired a DB9 on the free end of the plug as my GPS
> has a DB9 on the output. Neither direction worked.
> BTW: the pigtail is wired to the DB9 so that the GPS
> Data appears on the plugs tip without the null modem
> and on the ring with the null modem. The manual is
> somewhat vague sayig that the tip (white) goest to
> DATA IN on the gps and the ring (red) goes to DATA
> OUT on the gps. I am not clear as to which device is
> the DTE and which is the DCE. If OUT means to the
> radio in this context, I have the DB9 wired
> incorrectly. However the null modem corrects this
> for testing purposes. I WILL rewire this so as to
> not have to use the null modem.
> Any enlightenment will be appreciated.
> Vic
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