[aprssig] Help setting up Kenwood D700A

Doug Ferrell, KD4MOJ kd4moj at www.kd4moj.org
Sun Sep 11 19:41:19 CDT 2005

Vic Fraenckel wrote:
> I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier!
> I have been struggling for two days to get my 700A on the air. I have
> it interfaced to a laptop running APRSPoint. I am receiving packets
> from other stations and see them plotted on my map, but I am unable
> to see my own packets. I have a GPS attached to the radio and
> 'believed' I had things setup properly on my radio. Not seeing my
> position show up on the map is discouraging. It leads me to believe I
> do not have forgotten something. Where have I gone wrong? Perhaps
> something is not set right in AP? Maybe I am not supposed to see
> myself! From the map display there appears to be a digipeater
> locally. I even went to findu to see if my station was there with no
> luck. One area I may have overlooked and just found in the User
> Manual is menu item 1-9-5 and 1-9-6. Do these have any effect on my
> problem? If so, I expect I should set 1-9-5 to 9600 and 1-9-6 to
> 1200. Right?

	Vic...making this harder that it should be [GRIN] When your D700 in PKT
mode instead of the normal APRS mode, in APRSPoint on the menu along the
top,  click on Comm, Connect TNC, Select Serial Port, Baud rate (9600), then
select GPS pass through. No menu mods are necessary for the D700 for
APRSPoint to work.

	PS give me a couple of days... I'm helping Michael out by putting up a web
page for AprsPoint setups (aprspoint.info). I should have step-by-step in
the next day or so...

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