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[aprssig] Help setting up Kenwood D700A

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 09:21:52 UTC 2005

Re the GPS data connector on the D700 (and D7)

>From your description, confirmed in a downloaded manual for the D7, as
far as the tip and ring functions, if not the wire colours.
The Tip (White) is the Rig's data out or TXD, so the White wire goes to
the GPS's data in or RXD.
Likewise, the Ring (Red) is the Rig's data in or RXD, so it takes data
sent from the GPS's data out, or TXD.
>From that, you had it wired the wrong way round, so as you had it, you'd
need the null modem.

As you also would, if you used the Kenwood PG-4W cable, and whatever
standard cable is used to connect your GPS direct to a PC's DB9 serial
The D7 and presumably the D700, also have a TNC setting that defines
what "NMEA sentence" the radio recognises as data to use when seen from
the GPS.  I don't have a rig here with me now, but if that is set to the
Kenwood default ($PNTS) and the GPS does not send that sentence, it will
never work.  I know you can change it with a command over the PC-radio
serial link, as Ui-View does just that, but I don't know at the moment
if you can change it from the rig's front panel menu system.  (You don't
seem to be able to on the D7, having just downloaded a manual!)
GPSTEXT $GPRMC  Is what Ui-View sends to change it to $GPRMC. (As listed
in it's CMD files for the D7 and D700)

Also check the Radio's TNC command "GBAUD" is set to 4800, as that is
the usual data speed from a NMEA GPS device.

I'm assuming APRSPoint supports the radio's ability to pass the GPS data
to the PC, in response to a command to the inbuilt TNC from the program
via the same serial link, as it uses to send and receive APRS data
to/from the radio.  It works OK with Ui-View and some home cooked
software of mine, but I don't know APRSPoint or it's capabilities.

So I did a bit of Googling....

This is on one of the APRSPoint web help pages.  It seems to imply it

Note: If you are using a Kenwood radio with built-in TNC (TH-D7 or
TM-D700A), you can connect a GPS to the radio's GPS port and
track/report your current position on the map. Make sure you set the GPS
to NMEA mode and enable the radio's GPS connection using appropriate
menu selection in the radio's setup. Then simply check the box labeled
"GPS connected" in the connection dialog before making the connection.
You can also select which sentence to use. For example, if you want
APRSPoint to report your altitude, you should choose '$GPGGA' in the
dropdown list.
-End Quote-

...Just about says it all...

If you want to check what goes on between the PC and the radio, try a
software com port "sniffer", such as Bill Serial Monitor.
http://www.symcod.com/BillSerialMonitor.zip  Very very useful, and easy
to use.  100% free too.  Works on Win98, ME, 2k, XP etc.  The virtual
ports it creates for the application to connect to, even work with Win16
programs, if you need to.  Very slick.  And the guy who wrote it is

Best Regards..

Dave B. G0WBX.

PS:	To all the thought police monitoring...   A spulling cheek was
done!  However, Outlook does not do any grammar check, but who cares
anyway.  So, any complaints about that...  Too bad, this is a technical
forum, not a school English class!  Spiky yes, I didn't have a good
weekend, or a good night, plus I don't do Mondays, and it's not getting
any better!

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