[aprssig] Help setting up Kenwood D700A

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 06:12:25 CDT 2005

>From the TH-D7 "In-Depth" manual
"PG-4W (english).pdf"  published by Kenwood....  Page 76.


Short form: GPST Default: $PNTS
Parameters: up to 6 characters
Example: GPST $GPRMC
Function: When the beginning of the data input from the GPS port
matches the character string specified in GPSTEXT, the contents of LTEXT
are automatically overwritten by the input data from the GPS port.
The GPSTEXT settings are shown in the table below. If the beginning of
the input data does not match the GPSTEXT character string, the sentence
specified in GPSTEXT is reconfigured using the previously interpreted
GPS data and the result is used to automatically update LTEXT.
Sentences that can be interpreted Sentences that can be reconfigured

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(My Highlight)

So, it would appear to be used to specify a particular GPS NMEA sentence
to process and make available for a beacon, or pass to the PC.  And it
would seem that Sony may produce a GPS (or other location sensor) that
sends the $PNTS sentence.  Hence the comments in one of the Ui-View
doc's (not to hand) about it being popular in Japan.

I have yet to download a D700 manual, as I do not have one of those

We've drifted off topic, again, so enough, OK.

	Dave B.  G0WBX.

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> dave at emv.co.uk wrote:
> >The D7 and presumably the D700, also have a TNC setting that defines 
> >what "NMEA sentence" the radio recognises as data to use 
> when seen from 
> >the GPS.  I don't have a rig here with me now, but if that is set to 
> >the Kenwood default ($PNTS) and the GPS does not send that 
> sentence, it 
> >will never work.  I know you can change it with a command over the 
> >PC-radio serial link, as Ui-View does just that, but I don't know at 
> >the moment if you can change it from the rig's front panel 
> menu system.  
> >(You don't seem to be able to on the D7, having just downloaded a 
> >manual!)
> > 
> >GPSTEXT $GPRMC  Is what Ui-View sends to change it to $GPRMC. (As 
> >listed in it's CMD files for the D7 and D700)
> >
> >  
> >
> The $PNTS string is not output by any GPS device.    It is 
> prepended to 
> the actual GPS string by the Kenwood firmware as it echoes 
> data received 
> from the dedicated GPS port out the main serial port to the 
> computer.   
> It is this distinctive prefix that programs like APRSpoint  
> and UIview use to separate the GPS data from the TNC receive data.  
> The Kenwood firmware is capable of capturing and forwarding 
> only ONE GPS 
> data word.   The one word it will forward is determined by 
> the GPSTEXT 
> command. 

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