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Vic Fraenckel victorf at windreader.com
Tue Sep 13 05:49:24 CDT 2005


Thanks for the reply.

I guess I do not understand the D700s APRS Menu. I have been told to set the radio to TNC PKT for use with APRSPoint. How do the APRS (menu 3) settings figure in here?

>Make sure you have told the radio if you are or are
>not using a GPS

My settings:

Menu item 3-1 My Callsign = KC2GUI-1
Menu item 3-2 GPS UNIT = NMEA
Menu Item 3-B Packet Path = Wide2-2
Menu Item 3-C Packet TX = AUTO

There is no indication that I am sending my position. As I mentioned, I have even checked findu several times and cannot find any entries for KC2GUI-1. My position DOES NOT ever show up on the APRSPoint map tho other stations do. I would expect that some of the aread digis would tramsmit my packets????

>Also, another menu setting has to be set to what NMEA string to expect from the >GPS.

I assume you mean in APRSPoint? I cannot find such a setting in the D700 menus.


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