[aprssig] ISS & PCSAT Orbits

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 13 17:37:35 CDT 2005

Remember, unattended beacons via PCSAT2
are not authorized (without permission etc..).
THough for now, the usage is low enough that
its not worth making a fuss.  But we do want to see
only real people on the transponder so that
actual humans can QSO.  It is no fun for
one hand clapping and no one home at the other

>>> wa4tkg at yahoo.com 09/13/05 2:21 PM >>>
Where do I find out the expected orbit times for
the ISS and PCSAT passes?
I have no downlink rx for PCSAT on 440, so I would
simply be giving an UPLink beacon for now.
(anybody got a CHEAP, OLD 440MHz HT I can buy?
don't even need a functioning battery, I'll wire it
12VDC )

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