[aprssig] How should this work -> TRACE WIDE2-2

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Wed Sep 14 08:39:07 CDT 2005

VE7GDH schreef:

> Maiko VE4KLM wrote on Sept 13 2005
>> Let's say that my system recognizes WIDE2-2, but not
>> the TRACE digi call.
>> A station on RF sends a MIC-E frame as follows :
>> question 1: should my system digi this as a WIDE2-1, or
>> should my system ignore this (since TRACE is the immediate
>> destination call, not WIDE2-2) ?
> Stephen's answer is correct. However, if you are going to buy into the 
> "new
> paradigm", you should realize that RELAY, WIDE, TRACE and TRACEn-n
> are obsolete (at least in North America) and shouldn't be used... i.e. 
> you
> should not be supporting TRACE. However, from your comment, it sound
> like you may already be not supporting it.

> See http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs/fix14439.html for an 
> explanation
> of the "new paradigm" settings. If you are using a KPC-3+ for your 
> digi (doesn't look like you are), see www.nwaprs.info (the old URL was 
> www.nwaprs.org) for a site that gives a really clear explanation of 
> the suggested settings. There are links to both the "fix 144.390" and 
> NWAPRS sites in the "APRS Links" section at the bottom of the main 
> page on the UI-View32 site at www.ui-view.org.
Knowing Maiko he wants to incorperate aprs digipeating into jnos, it 
would make sence as there is already an igate module in jnos written by him.

In that case my sugestion would be to make it flexable.
It could be rule driven like digi_ned
or a definable uiflood and uitrace call like:
set uiflood ss (new n-n) or set uiflood wide (existing n-n)
set uitrace wide (new n-n) or set uitrace trace (existing n-n)
set uihop 2 (new n-n) or set uihop 7 (existing n-n)

A very clear discription on how aprs path should behave is given in the 
path.txt file from the aprs dos package
in short the uiflood alias decreases the number of the ssid everytime it 
is digipeated on and only the first (when the ssid matches the number 
after the alias) will have the call inserted.
uitrace always has the call inserted.
uihop would limit the number of hops it would act on, so with uihop set 
to 2 it will only act for wide2-2 and not wide3-3 or alternativly change 
wide3-3 to wide2-2 before acting on it.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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