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[aprssig] How should this work -> TRACE WIDE2-2

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 14 14:56:14 UTC 2005

> set uiflood ss (new n-n) or set uiflood wide (existing n-n)
> set uitrace wide (new n-n) or set uitrace trace (existing n-n)
> set uihop 2 (new n-n) or set uihop 7 (existing n-n)

Or uihop 3 (new n-n) in areas that can afford it.

I would say, that looking at the APRS density map on
there is no need to restrict hops to WIDE2-2 in 70% of
north america.  Taking mountains -and-density into
consideration I/d think that a map something like this
would work as a ballpark recommendation?


I know I will get flack, beacuse this is an area of local
interest and details, but nature abhors a vacuum, so
if there must be a chart, could this be it?

de WB4APR, Bob

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