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[aprssig] How should this work -> TRACE WIDE2-2

Brad [VE3BSM] lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com
Wed Sep 14 17:15:01 UTC 2005

I used to have both the old settings and the new settings thinking I was
being nice to people that haddn't switched over. I have since revisited my
thinking and removed all support for the old settings. My current thinking
is "Tough Love" if we keep pandering to the old settings people won't need
to (or want
to) switch. As soon as their packets stop getting digipeated they might
start asking around to find out why it's not working. I have meet several
Hams that get it Packet or RTTY or some other special area and then move on
to other areas of interest. When they leave one specialty for another they
continue to leave their stations operating, and don't revisit settings
unless something stops working. So it's possible that many of these stations
simply don't know and if their settings stop working they might start asking
around. It's just another way to reach people and spread the word about the
new settings.

I'm with you. I did the Bulletin Spam thing for quite some time, typically
in 3- to 5-day spurts with a couple of weeks in between. But still there
were people who were aware of the request, but figured since their stuff
worked, why change it (ie. "if it ain't broke...").
Well, I'm about to complete the upgrades to our last two WIDE-area digis,
and they *will* be broke. That should persuade them. :->


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