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That's news to me a Verizon Technician for 8 years now....I know of one
other sig member who works for the company but he is landline side and one
engineer in the NE for the wireless side but that's about it!

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  A favorable writeup of hams in the latest disaster:


  "Meanwhile, as happens in every disaster in recent times, the amateur
radio community was immediately on the scene and ready. The Red Cross has,
for a long time, worked with the ham radio community to provide
communications to and from shelters and other locations where its personnel
were deployed. The Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) was also
deploying hams with their personal communications equipment and controlled
network communications into and out of the affected areas were on the air in
short order.

  As a side note but of importance, at least one wireless network operator,
Verizon, has long recognized the emergency communications capabilities of
ham radio. A number of its cell site technicians, radio engineers and other
employees are ham radio operators who want to provide communications in
times of disasters. Verizon's management realizes the benefit of ham radio
and has promoted its use in emergencies by providing radio equipment and
license training for its employees who are interested.

  One reason hams can respond so quickly is that they can set up
"infrastructure-less" communications. They hit the ground with their own
equipment and can quickly and easily set up local, regional, national and
even international communications."

  " One of the stories I heard but cannot verify is that some of the people
on the ground during the rescue operations "acquired" a number FRS radios in
order to be able to communicate with each other. Some of them even started
telling people to contact them on FRS channel 9, code 11 (911). If this is
true, it shows how inventive people are when they have to be. (Note: I am
told that many ski patrols have adopted the 9-11 family radio channel, just
like CB channel 9 was monitored by some public safety agencies in the old
days). I have several pairs of these radios and extra batteries ready to go
in our emergency kits."

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