David Dobbins ddobbins at direcway.com
Wed Sep 14 22:23:50 CDT 2005

I've configured a TT3, HTX-202 and Garmin 35 for the N1547C Air Tracker
aboard a good friend's Cirrus SR22. Tim & Leigh Anne Delaney will depart
Sep 21 from their home in Santa Rosa, CA for a clockwise tour of the USA
with a jaunt to the Cayman Islands then back home, returning early
November. Lucky them. The tracker callsign is their N number, with my
call K7GPS embedded in the status text routinely transmitted. On/off
power is controlled by plugging the tracker in to 12vdc outlet in the
aircraft. I don't anticipate any probs with the tracker, but you never
know. Recalling the USA flight originated in MD last summer, the pilot
was impressed with seeing some hams at a majority of his stops along the
way. I think he went on to get his license???? I got to visit with him
when he stopped in Spokane. I'm trying to get my friend into the hobby.

More info, an itinerary, and a picture of the SR22 on the
http://www.nwaprs.org web pages. 

73, Dave K7GPS
Spokane WA

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