[aprssig] Sending messages from the keyboard.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 15 00:21:06 CDT 2005

To send an APRS msg form dumb terminal:

1) Be sure UNPROTO is set to

2)Go to converse

3) TYpe:

   :CALLSIGNX:message goes here

Just be sure that CALLSIGNX is always a full
9 bytes right filled with spaces...

4) If he does not see it digipeated, he has to
type it all again....


>>> bruce.coates at sasktel.net 09/14/05 11:47 PM >>>

I'm under a deadline to get an APRS presentation ready for the weekend and 
don't have time to look through the archives and such.  If I have the time, 
I'd do the research myself.

A fellow ham has asked whether he can send an APRS message using just a 
plain TNC-2 and simple terminal program such as HyperTerminal.

I'll be operating a station at a search and rescue command center under 
VE5BNC.  The other ham will be operating a portable station with a TNC-2 and 
a laptop running a terminal program under the call VE5RY-??.  His home 
station will be setup up for digipeating under the call of VE5RY.

The question is, "What exactly would he type into his terminal program so 
that it creates and sends an APRS message to me either direct or via the 

Thanks in advance.

Bruce - VE5BNC

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