[aprssig] APRS server help

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Sep 15 02:01:31 CDT 2005


I have written a perl telnet script that connects to second.aprs.net 14580
under linux and writes to a log file.

It all works well, but after a few days, it just stops.

The perl script does not bomb out.

When I leave the perl script as it it, and look on second.aprs.net, it says
i am disconnected.

Is there anyting more reliable I can use ?

I just want to log on and log to a file ?

(after sending forward a filter )

use Net::Telnet;
my $host = "second.aprs.net";
my $user = "";
my $password = "";
my $prompt = "";
my (@data, $line);
my $t = new Net::Telnet(Timeout => '5',port => '14580');
sleep 5;
print $t "user VK4TEC-10 pass 21694\n";
sleep 3;
print $t "# filter p/PCSAT/PC2/W3AD/RS0/ISS d/RS0ISS-3/PCSAT2/W3ADO-1\n";
while (<$t>)
$date = `date +%d/%m/%y" "%H:%M:%S`;
chop $date;
# print $date."\n";
open (tnc, ">> /data/vkdata.txt");
print tnc "$date ";
print tnc $_ ;

Andew VK4TEC

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